30 November 2011

A Zombie's Advent Cry for the Day of the Lord

As we begin the season of Advent, where our hearts, minds and spirits are preparing for the dawning of Christmas day, the day of the Lord's physical entrance into the earth, we look around and see what has become of the world into which Jesus came.  Longfellow's-poem-now-turned-song, "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" echoes in my heart.

Two-thousand years after the guttural cries of the newborn Christ pierced the quiet of the night and angels sang glory to God in the highest and peace to all people on earth, this simple theological zombie student longs for that song to ring true.  Like Longfellow, I find that the sights and sounds filling the papers, the television and the internet seem to mock the song of peace on earth, goodwill to all.  I wonder time and again when we will see the coming Day of the Lord when all flesh will cease our devouring ways and the earth will be filled with the glory of God.

I know that I do not wait and hope in vain.  The time is surely coming, just as the Lord is working even in our midst to establish justice, mercy, steadfast love and faithfulness.  Like the entire creation, I groan and cry out as though a woman in labor, eagerly anticipating the new creation, longing for the culmination of the Lord's redemptive work.

Lord Jesus, come.  Holy Spirit, come.  Creator of all, come.  Let us be Your new creation, and let peace be poured out upon earth so that all of creation might turn and know that You are God.  Amen.

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