25 July 2011

Engaging the Hands, Heart and Brain

Dear ones,

This week through the end of July I am prayerfully journeying through a discernment vacation.  I appreciate your thoughts and prayers as I engage my senses, my heart and my mind in conversation with the Spirit of God.  Today's post will be brief, and may be the only one for the next week, but I shall return with focus and intensity following my time away.

"Crashing Waves" - Photo by Trista Wynne
Over the past weekend, my soul-sister and I traveled to the Washington coast where we spent several days and evenings reconnecting with the realm of the eternal.  Sometimes we all need to simply stop, and to allow the Spirit to whisper.  Sometimes She sings a gorgeous melody.  At other times, we hear nothing at all, but we know the Presence of God is near.

The Zombie Research Society postulates that zombies likely use their sense of touch to discern living tissue from rotting flesh.  As a seminary student who embraces my zombie status (animated tissue awaiting the fullness of resurrection) I strive to engage my hands, heart and brain in seeking wisdom and direction for the present existence.  Time for quiet contemplation aids in discernment of the living and dead alike.

In the Zombie Research post, we read about packs of zombies searching together to find their next meal.  Packs are not always beneficial in this endeavor, but small groups and individual searching helps our senses to grow stronger.  My experience shows that sometimes we have to move away from the hunting pack in order to locate the Source of True Food.  During these months of summer and times of rest, may we all come to know Him and find our own ways of sharing Him with others.


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