08 July 2011

What's in the Mirror?

ZomBcon Prep - Oct 2010
Looking at myself in the mirror before a recent zombie walk in Seattle, I laid the foundation for the bloodied zombie that was later reflected therein.  Sometimes I wonder what we as a church might see if we looked together in a mirror.  I wonder if we really know how we are perceived.

What might we see if we did some self-reflection?  Would we like what we see?  Do we want others to see us this way?  Do we have bloodstains and sunken eye sockets or are we full of life and vitality?What would we change if we could? 

What is are our congregations like?  How connected are we to the worldwide Church?  What is the congregation's impact on our community (for good or ill)? 

Some of my brothers and sisters in Christ at Homebrewed Christianity are in discussion about what the church in America will look like in fifty years.  I wonder what it might look like in five, and even what it truly looks like (from a variety of perspectives) right now.  How we answer the questions raised by the upcoming generations and how we reflect on our current image will have a big impact on whether predictions will continue to be pessimistic or if we'll begin to see renewal in our midst.

Preparing for ZomBcon - Oct 2010
For those in my generation who are the upcoming leaders in the church, I wonder how we will engage the current church in America.  Will we reject it altogether or work to turn it around?  Does it want to turn? 

Dear ones, this is what repent means: to turn.  Will we listen to the voice crying out in the wilderness, "prepare the way of the Lord" and "repent"?  Will we listen to the Spirit and turn towards the One who called the Church into being in the first place, or will we simply stare at our reflection and do nothing

What is in the mirror, dear ones?  And what might the future hold?  May our eyes be open to our Lord's direction! 

In Jesus' name, amen.

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