06 April 2012

What's so Good about this Friday?

In a Twitter post earlier this afternoon, I said "Our Lord experienced all we do, even death. We are never alone. God knows our pain. God has come to us. That is why we call this day good."  This is true, but it's not the whole of it.  As my eyes meandered down the posting list, I came across a post from the Next Starfish saying, "Eggs & Bunnies? - Easter and Forgiveness" with a link to their latest blog post.

I stand corrected.  And I must add an addendum to my post.

Jesus' experience of all the pain, suffering and humiliation first century humanity could throw at Him is not the only reason we call this day good.  As Next Starfish says in their blog post, it's "all about forgiveness".  Jesus did not only cry, "my God, my God why have You forsaken me" from the cross.  He also cried, "Father, forgive them for they have no idea what they're doing".

In the midst of the pain and agony of humiliation, brutal abuse and the worst fate anyone could imagine at the time, our Triune God clearly articulates a desire for love and forgiveness.  Out of our minds with jealousy, self-pity and power-lust, we condemned an innocent man to torture and death.  Just as zombies focus on satisfying their own hunger no matter the cost, humanity showed itself dark and cruel that day.  Blood-lust and violent tendencies rolled over the gathered crowd in waves just as it does in a zombie horde.

Rather than acting in retribution and hell-bent on revenge, the Lord absorbed all of the darkness and transformed it into light.

Although theologians debate over all that transpired on that fateful day two thousand some odd years ago, this much is sure: something rancid inside of humanity was revealed, but the sweet healing balm of Christ's words and actions overcame it all.  As this healing balm, this ointment of sweet spices and Love, finds its way into our lives, we are all being transformed back into the whole creatures we were when our Creator first gave us form.  The Spirit of peace and life is making Her way into every fiber of creation and making all things new.  Something about that day so many years ago made this transformation tangible.  And that is why we call this Friday "Good".

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