28 June 2011

Are we Human?

In the zombie apocalypse the first thing most people think of is the violence of survival.  Simply getting by day to day is exhausting in the days, weeks and even months following a disaster of any degree. Imagine then, one where our family and friends have completely lost their sense of humanity.  It may cause us to loose our own sense of self as well.

Consider your zombie survival plan.  Our survival kits, particularly those geared for adults, almost always hold a wide variety of weapons and martial arts manuals.  We want to become as efficient as the enemy in killing.  Murder is never very far from our brains.  This is particularly true in times of war, upheaval or, for our purposes in this discussion, in the time of the zombie apocalypse.

When we put together our survival kits, how many of us are including things to help retain, or even to resurrect our humanity?  What about our interactions today?  We don't have to wait for the apocalypse.  Our violent tendencies reveal what God already knows.  Our humanity is already fading away.

As we ponder the state of our world, and more specifically our Church, let me share an experience from my professional life.  I have been a nanny for over ten years, serving a handful of precious families during that span of time.  Currently I nanny a child who recently entered the preschool years.  This child is already asking questions about war and peace.
The child observed my shirt that has a well-known symbol for peace on it.  I was asked what it meant, and I said that I wear the shirt as a call for peace. 

"Like the peace of God, nanny?"

"Yes.  I very much long for the peace of God to fill the earth, child."

"Does God have a gun to get the bad people, Nanny?  Is that how we get the peace of God?"

Images of war, police brutality, corrupt government officials demanding payment at border crossings, nuclear warheads, fighter jets filled my mind.  These pictures had come from the evening television news, from websites asking for prayer, from conversations surrounding survival and from a few sermons I have listened to recently.  The child had a very good question!  My pause was only momentary, though.

"No, child.  Guns hurt people, and God doesn't like it when we hurt people.  We know that when the peace of God comes, no one will hurt any more.  All of our guns, swords our knives and all weapons will be turned into garden toolsNo one will want to hurt or to destroy anymore because we will all know God."

"What do we know about God, Nanny?"

"Child, we know that God is Love."

"What does Love do, Nanny?"

Perhaps we would like to answer the child's question through our lifestyle...

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