17 June 2011

A New Way of Life

There is a difference between simple survival and transitioning into a new way of life.  One of the sad features of most zombie films is that the characters are often so focused on survival of the current time that they neglect to prepare for the future.  In The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead, Max Brooks reminds us to prepare not only for the immediate needs during the initial outbreak, but also the sanity and hope infusion that is necessary for health in the long haul.  Remember books, games photographs, instruments and crafts, he says, for many a survivor has gone mad and lost hope from listening to the incessant moaning of the undead.

In a blog documenting her seminary experiences, Yale divinity student Janine is fed up with the endless drone of death.  Hey! We're still alive here, she virtually shouts, the Holy Spirit is still moving and breathing, and creating new life among us!  When all she hears is the constant groaning of the zombies surrounding her, she reminds her readers that, despite appearances to the contrary in some areas, the Church, the worldwide Church of Christ, is far from dead.

Here is the message of hope, dear ones: in the midst of the zombie outbreak surrounding, (and likely infecting) us, the Spirit of Life has not left us desolate.  She is fully present, and working to bring a new way of life.  Through Here, our Beloved Christ is making all things new.  We will not remain as we are.  Everything will change.  In the twinkling of an eye, when the trumpet sounds, new life will enter and an eternity of wholeness, peace and joy will be inaugurated.

The Day of the Lord, when all pain and death are no more is just on the horizon.  Look!  Our Lord is coming, even riding on the clouds that are rising up around us!

Keep the faith, dear ones!  Our Lord is on the move.  As the dear Lady Julian of Norwich says, all shall be well, yes, all shall be well, oh yes, all shall be well once more.

May the Day of New Life come quickly!


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